Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Baku, the dream-eater

In the original version of the text, there is an order when presenting the creatures. Of course, Volume I consists only of 25 beings whose descriptions are complete. With this I mean that the bibliography, as well as studies are written fully. The other creatures (187 on my last count) are “broken”: the texts are in fragments that need cohesion, narrative and correction.
There is also a small text preceding some of the main creatures of their respective families (elemental spirits, necrozoos, oneirizoos, etc…). These speak about the nature of said element in a philosophical way. So far the most extensive one is about death, but fortunately for me neither it nor the others will be translated and uploaded here. I do this because it may only be of interest to a very low number of people, and because I’d rather not dedicate my time translating something that will go mostly unread. These are my reasons why I shall go directly to presenting the creatures:

Baku will be the first presented. The main illustration was done by my wonderful friend, FSc. She may be known best by her “Nightmares and Fairy Tales” work with Serena Valentino, but she has many more projects that are worth checking out (delightful Chimney 24 and Muzz for example ;) ).

I could tell you just how excited I was to work with her, or how interesting it was to do so (and the same goes for the artists I’ve worked in this so far), but I prefer you just see the effort and visualization put in her image (much more when you know more details about the Baku itself).

Do check out her works at her website:
I do recommend reading her online comic, Muzz –also published by SLG– as it’s one of her most complex, most interesting works :D
Her Etsy account:
And her blog:


  1. I hadn't heard about this one before. So it's like an animated dreamcatcher :D I have to say, I really appreciate pictures, always have. They add so much more to the reading experience. The main illustration made me smile, is that a bento there? :)
    Also, I hope you don't mind me pointing this out, there's a small mistake on the first page, where it says "sense of smell let's them know..." It should be "lets them know." I'm sure it was a typo of some sort, I got a few of those when I wrote my thesis too.

  2. Thanks Keimonas! :D you're the first commenter of my blog, so, as a prize, I'll give you 1000 Phantazoologicum points, exchangeable for mythical creatures (I reccomend getting some wyverns or sprites :3 ).
    I hadn't noticed, but you're right! Plus, the composition is broken too much. In the full-sized version it doesn't look so bad, I'll re-do it and upload it again :) Thanks for the heads up!
    Yeah, I got some typos too, but it's rare nowadays, as I'm more cautious regarding texts (my job demanded it).

  3. ooooh, really? Decisions, decisions! So how many points do I need for a specific creature? :D

  4. sorry for not replying to our original post, but yes, it'd be like a dreamcatcher, it has more details to it, as you can see, but it's a nice creature ;)
    I'm happy to read you liked the accompanying images, they're different from the main artist's vision, but that adds to the flavor, I think ^_^
    I believe so: it must keep some tasty dreams in that bento ;)